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Raquel Noriko

Salon Owner/Master Stylist

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My dream is to see curly hair of all walks of life come in and feel at home here. 

Raquel Noriko

Raquel has been a licensed cosmetologist  since 2009 fulfilling her passions for hair, makeup and love for people. 


Raquel has mastered the art of dry curl cutting, coloring, hair treatments and wash and gos, while educating around the world within her craft. 

Well versed in various fields of the beauty industry, Raquel's helped open salon and beauty franchises in California, worked at various salons in California and Maui while building her clientele and educating stylists. Her travels around the world working with professional hair care and beauty companies makes her believe firmly in cutting curly hair dry in its natural state is the best way to cut curly hair. That in order to ignite confidence in others with embracing their natural curly hair starts at the core within hair salons and stylists.


The knowledge, passion and experience in the hair and beauty industry that Raquel has attained has led her to opening her curly hair salon on Maui, Culture Curl Studio. A dream of hers to see all walks of life in her salon receiving curly hair care, education, and community.


"I was called to Maui after stepping foot on the island for the first time in 2015. The indescribable feeling one gets when 'called' to the island is strong. I'm so happy I listened to it and blessed that Maui embraced me. For me, growing up biracial and identifying with both my African American & Japanese roots, I have always had a love for culture and diversity. Hawaii's culture is something I respect and have grown in adoration for since living on the island. I love helping others find their inner beauty and confidence through embracing what is naturally their own. With my Los Angeles native hustle and island girl heart, I'm grateful to live out my dreams on Maui doing what I love and helping others along the way."- Raquel 

Mikaila Crevalho-Meyers

Admin Manager 


As the Administrative Manager at Culture Curl Studio, Mikaila is in charge of the behind the scenes operations for the salon.


In her role, Mikaila handles everything from social media marketing and assisting on content creation planning.


Mikaila is passionate about furthering as well as empowering the expansion of Culture Curl Studio. 

Born and raised on Oahu, Mikaila loves being outdoors and at the beach with her son and family when she isn't working. 

My dream is to empower women to live in their genius.


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Hiring Curl Artists

Are you looking for an environment of good vibes to blossom in your talents? At Culture Curl Studio we offer the space to learn, grow, and share your talents while doing what you love. We are accepting resumes for Curl Artists at Culture Curl Studio on Maui.

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